Journey of the Young Soul

Daniel Lawson
1 min readJan 14
Photo by Majestic Lukas on Unsplash

A millennial on the Camino walks,

A journey to recover what life has lost.

A mid-life crisis grips them tight,

A quest for meaning and new insight.

Through Spain they trek, with weary feet,

A pilgrimage to fill a void complete.

They question all that they have known,

And seek a path that feels like home.

The miles they travel, the stories they hear,

Travelers they meet, who lend a kind ear.

They find themselves among the rolling hills,

learning that life is about more than chasing thrills.

The Camino teaches them to slow,

To see the beauty in each step they know.

The millennial unearths a new perspective,

And with it, a life that feels more effective.

They reach the end, but the journey’s not through,

For they’ve found a way to start anew.

The Camino’s gift, a newfound clarity,

A sense of purpose that will always be.

Photo by K. Mitch Hodge on Unsplash
Daniel Lawson

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