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  • Jennifer K.

    Jennifer K.

    Quora top writer on Relationship,Advice,Sexuality and Family Health

  • Nicholas H. Simpson

    Nicholas H. Simpson

    Applied Linguistics M.A., language geek living and working in South Korea. All about UK culture, Korean life, cross-cultural differences and English language.

  • Martin Knaupp

    Martin Knaupp

    Natโ€™l Academy of Engineering Curiosity.Outreach Speaker. Broadcaster,Culture,Arts

  • Sam Olliver

    Sam Olliver

    A personal development advocate who believes continual learning and growth are necessary to live a happy, fulfilling life

  • Jessey Anthony

    Jessey Anthony

    Motivational speaker, fitness enthusiast, and self-improvement nerd. Click here to connect: bit.ly/36Wxk4s

  • James Kierstead

    James Kierstead

    Senior Lecturer in Classics, Victoria University of Wellington. Ancient democracy, classical liberalism, Old Comedy.

  • Alvin Ang

    Alvin Ang

    ๐Ÿ‘‘ Former contestant on โ€œThe Apprentice.โ€ Current Top Writer on Medium. Reach me at ๐Ÿ“ง: sgbjjopen@gmail.com

  • Tim Denning

    Tim Denning

    Aussie Blogger with 500M+ views โ€” Writer for CNBC & Business Insider. Inspiring the world through Personal Development and Entrepreneurship โ€” timdenning.com/wc

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